Five Benefits of Taking Belly Dance Classes


Belly dance changed my world. I went from tomboy to diva in months and over the years I FINALLY felt comfortable in my own skin. That’s amazing for any woman to feel and say. so how does it happen? Well, here’s five of MANY benefits of belly dancing:

  • Belly dancing creates body awareness specifically for the female body. In belly dance we “move with our ovaries”. It seems like a strange thing to say and at first, a strange thing to do but trust me, connecting to your specifically feminine parts will connect you to the rest of your body, identity, soul and so on, in a way that makes you feel beautiful and alive.
  • You don’t have to be skinny to belly dance. In fact, many of the moves such as the shimmy look good when you have a little extra padding and it makes you feel great to WANT a jiggle. I used to be overweight and through too much diet and too much exercise I became underweight but when I started belly dancing I quickly became frustrated by being too skinny to make my flesh jiggle. So I gained some weight back. Yes, I intentionally put on some pounds because belly dance helps you to embrace your curves.
  • You don’t have to wear revealing outfits. I’m modest by nature and I do just fine professionally so in class you will be perfect in comfortable clothing. Check out this video. All of my most viewed videos on YouTube are FULLY COVERED! I wear less clothes in the summer than in this video and yet, everyone LOVED this performance. So don’t worry about that!
  • You will make a ton of friends dancing and if you’re shy you will become much more outgoing and social! When I first started belly dancing I was so shy and introverted I wouldn’t even talk to the ladies in class. Now I feel like a different person and have gone on to host parties, be on talk-radio shows and talk to clients with ease and excitement!
  • I became more musical. I learned how to play finger cymbals, drum, sing and dance in a musical way. Not only will you learn how to dance but you will expand your artistic and creative side like never before!

Belly dance offers fun, fitness and friendships like no other activity and it’s great for any age, experience level and body type. It’s a fantastic way to connect with yourself and others so give it a try for your next party or event and give yourself and your guests something to remember for a lifetime!

first troupe performance



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