Why Hire a Belly Dancer for your Party?

Belly dancing at a party is fun for you and your guests! My style of belly dance is entertaining and family-friendly. As you can see in this short compilation video I dance with folks of all ages from seniors having a great night out, to kids that take a break from their family’s dinner party. There’s a number of occasions for hiring a belly dancer too:

  • At a wedding. In Middle Eastern culture it’s traditional to hire a belly dancer so in New Brunswick, even if you’re not from the Middle East, hiring a belly dancer adds a touch of cultural diversity, not to mention a huge surprise for the guests! When I belly dance at a wedding, my goal is to give the couple lots of attention, especially the bride, and then to get the dance floor started. This will set you up for a night of fun and dancing!
  • At bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Hiring a belly dancer for these kind of events is a really fun way to have guests participate in a lesson, wear some fun jingly coin belts and watch a performance. I will dance in costume and everyone will think they can never belly dance but after I teach your guests some moves and put it together for a short choreography they will surprise themselves! We will all dance to some fun music too. This is an excellent way to bond with your girlfriends, try something completely different and provide interactive entertainment for your friends and family.
  • At a restaurant. If you own or manage a restaurant I can come in for 15-30 minutes and perform a show for your customers. Your establishment will stand out and draw in the crowds if you advertise in advance and I’ll help with marketing efforts by announcing my performances across my social media platforms!
  • For classes and retreats. If you would like regular weekly or bi weekly classes or would like to arrange a retreat, be in touch with me. I have experience teaching and I would love to have a group of women visit my rural home for some down-to-earth dance time. Write to me any time!
  • Birthday Parties. I can be hired for birthday parties for guests of all ages! We can discuss what type of performance is best. It can be a short Bellygram style performance or a longer visit with a lesson and dance party!

Belly dance for your next event is a fun, tasteful and surprising way to show guests you want them to have a great time. Contact me to find out more about any of these delightful options!

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