I’m Belly Dancing in New Brunswick! Teaching Soon!

Hi, everyone! I put this site together before I moved to New Brunswick and now I’m here, getting settled and best of all I’m DANCING and feeling very inspired, grateful and welcomed as a belly dancer in New Brunswick, so here’s some updates!

I did a performance and workshop in Saint John a couple weeks back at a long term care facility. I can’t post any pictures of that one publicly because my private clients have a right to privacy but I have to say this one made me so happy! Not only was it fun for the residents but for the hardworking staff that were able to attend! After a couple of dances I taught some basic moves for the hips, chest, stomach and for those that didn’t want to move around too much they got to learn a bit about using silk veils. There’s even moves for the guys!

My second performance here was by invitation by Maritime Tribal founder Nawal Doucette. She asked if I would like to be part of the finale performances for her weekend of showcasing her, and her troupe’s talent at the Multicultural Festival of Colours. Of course I said yes! I also danced alongside another new belly dancer in New Brunswick Sara. She is here for a year from Winnipeg, Manitoba.



One of the best things about this show was all of the newcomer Syrians! They sure know how to dance and have a party. Coming from a war zone, the Syrian folks truly appreciate the simple joy of dance and couldn’t contain themselves for a second! They were up there dancing with us all with pure unbridled enthusiasm. It’s a good reminder that dance is a simple way to let loose, forget your troubles and connect with others. It truly is a gift to know about this art form and to have a commonality that breaks through language barriers and allows us all to have fun with each other!

I would love to share the gift of dance with women in New Brunswick and I’m currently looking into renting a space in the communities close to where I live such as Saint John, Rothesay, Quispamsis and Saint Martins. If anyone has suggestions I’m all ears! I would be delighted to start a beginner class in the near future!



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