Performing in Moncton Tomorrow!


I’m really excited to be performing as a guest at Studio Sephira tomorrow evening! This will be the first belly dance hafla (that means party in Arabic) I have performed at in New Brunswick.

I’ll be dancing two new pieces that I have created in the past month or so. The creative energy out here, in my rural Saint John home, is quite refreshing. I feel my dance is evolving and growing because of it. It’s actually really amazing how the peace, space and lack of distractions out here has brought out something else in me…Perhaps a renewed integrity for this art form. Perhaps even a renewed belief in myself, and really, learning to belly dance isn’t just about getting your body to do cool things. Though it is a perk! However, it’s truly is about connecting to, and expressing, your soul’s desires. It’s about making things happen and this energy is carried into your personal and professional life. I’m feeling all areas of my being growing, refreshing and strengthening.

It also helps that I have met amazing people through dance out here, whom I work with in my spare time, and the classes I’ve been taking with a dedicated and polished bunch over at Maritime Tribal is challenging and motivating!

Of course, I’m nervous about performing as always but when you can dance from a place that is pure and full of love, meeting new dancers, seeing performances and performing is what becomes the highlight. It’s all a really fun adventure and the pressure truly melt away.

The photo above was taken by a really wonderful photographer, Michael Zender in Toronto around this time last year when I performed with Nomadica, my favourite cross-cultural band at Lula Lounge in Toronto.




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