Belly Dance Resources


I wanted to offer a list of resources for belly dancers. 

A vast collection of articles about EVERYTHING belly dance. This is the first site many students visit first when they start to want to know more about belly dance.

George Sawa

I have taken classes with George Sawa and performed once to his exquisite live quanun (this is an Arabic instrument that looks like an exposed piano) He is a music teacher and this is his study guide. It’s available in a number of languages.

Kisses from Kairo 

If you want to know more about belly dancing professionally, and in Cairo, no less, this American has been living and working in Egypt for quite a number of years and has a unique perspective.

Arabic Song Translation 

If you hear a song and want to know what it’s all about check out these translations. Also helpful to find new music!

Karim Nagi

If you are interested in an intense finger cymbal DVD try Karim Nagi’s instructional DVD. He also sells additional music and instruction.


My Teachers (please try a class if you are in Toronto) 

Om Laila Studio

I studied holistic belly dance, music and Arabic song with Roula Said. I also worked here as a teacher and assistant. Belly dance can truly be authentic movement that is uplifting and soulful. I studied here 3 years.

Egyptian Dance Academy 

I started out learning Egyptian folklore with Nada el Masriya from Egypt. She teaches modern Egyptian style. I studied here 3 years.

Habeeba’s Dance

I learned classic Egyptian from Habeeba. She specializes in the classic Egyptian Style. I studied here 1 year.


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