Why Belly Dance?

When I started belly dancing it was my Mom’s idea, and I had no clue what I was doing! I was very shy and self-conscious. Throughout my life I had been overweight and underweight and none of it made me happy!

I was fortunate enough to always have teachers that were patient and took it very slow. They recognized what I needed and worked with me on an individual basis. Most of all they made it so fun that I didn’t even realize that every new move, step and turn was a small accomplishment that was working its way toward something much, much bigger.

Over time, I connected with my body. Being able to make it move how I wanted brought out a strong sense of control that I never had before. It gave strength to being a woman I had never really considered or thought possible. It made me comfortable with who I am.

Saying yes to new experiences, meeting strong and confident women were all little pieces to my puzzle that started to bring me out of my shell. Eventually, I trained to perform and was taught how to carry myself, how to have a strong presence, and how to do everything like that was my plan all along.

Imagine how being comfortable with your body, how to walk with confidence, how to enter a room, and how to “own” everything you do, can translate into everyday life?

I started to feel like the impossible was possible, being a woman was a pretty amazing thing, and going for, and achieving goals was absolutely within reach. Plus, at a minimum I had some great dance moves for parties and weddings. Overall belly dance made me finally happy with my body and confident in my life.

Our studio and classes are a reflection of this process. We believe you can dance for a number of reasons from being active and wellness, meeting new friends, developing new skills, none, or all of the above. You don’t need to want a huge transformation or have any expectation at all. I didn’t. Guaranteed you will have fun and gain new experiences but likely, belly dance will give you something unexpected, will awaken something you needed but didn’t realize was missing, and you will benefit.

Classes are fun and no-pressure. You will learn the basics from the ground-up. There is no expectation. You don’t need to be a dancer or want to be a dancer.

Our goal is to bring out the best of what belly dance has to offer for the individual.

We’re so excited to launch LUNA Belly Dance classes in Saint John and we hope to see you at the open house on February 2 from 6-8pm and February 4 from 1-3pm at 162 Union Street.

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