Fundraising Belly Dance Class for the Saint John SPCA Kitten Shower!

Spring has sprung and this means that there are a number of homeless kittens (and mama cats) that need care before they can find forever homes.

LUNA Belly Dance is hosting a fundraising class on Thursday June 1st, 6pm at our Uptown Saint John location at 162 Union Street, Second Floor. The class is free with a donation of: kitten food, bedding, monetary support or toys.

LUNA Belly Dance will be at the Saint John SPCA Kitten Shower event on Saturday June 3 between 11 and 2 to deliver all donations raised from our class.

We will also be providing information on how you can raise money for the SPCA for FREE (hint- it’s an app!) and everyone is encouraged to speak to the SPCA about foster and adoption (including any adult cat that needs a home!)

Feel free to comment your questions and please share to spread the word so we can help the kittens as much as possible.

LUNA Belly Dance Save the Kitties Shake your..HIPS! 

Kitten Shower at the Saint John SPCA 

kitten shower poster


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