Roula Said Teaching Belly Dance Workshops in Moncton and Saint John August 18-19

roula frame drum

I have studied with a number of amazing instructors, but with Roula Said the most. I learned so much from her, but my main takeaway was REALLY getting to know the moves and make them my own. She improved how I expressed myself, and my message through my dance. She gave me the gift of musicality, in a profound way, and increased my overall artistic ability.  She really helped me to come out of my shell, and find my authentic self as dancer and an individual. You don’t need to study with her for years to receive these benefits. I gained so much from the first workshop I took with her in Toronto, which is how we met.

For me, dance is exercise and expression. I dance when I’m happy, sad, angry, bored, and when I’m out with other people. It has given me confidence, self-respect, and a positive community.

Amazing things happen when women get together and let go of everything else to dance! Whether you want to elevate  your art form, or you just want to learn some cool moves while getting in tune with your body, you should really come out to these workshops!  There’s a discount if you register by Monday August 6.

Visit Roula’s Studio Online, Om Laila for information about the workshop and events.

Feel free to contact me anytime!




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