New Classes and Shimmy Mob 2019 Saint John

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What an amazing holiday hafla! Thank you everyone! 

Thank you everyone for your role in the hafla, whether you were one of our beautiful dancers, attentive audience members, Kathy Young from Misfits Studio for her POUND demo, or a member of the Let’s Hummus Team for providing us with delicious Lebanese food. Needless to say, our first party was a stunning success and will pave the way for many more!

Now it’s time to talk about 2019 goals! New Class schedule is up!

And, we are doing Shimmy Mob again in 2019! 

shimmy mob dancerscropped
Shimmy Mob 2018 

If you want to make a difference in the community, raise awareness, and promote positive change in Saint John through an art form that will get you in shape and feeling beautiful, you can be a part of a global belly dance campaign to help women escape domestic violence situations.

Being involved in Shimmy Mob is easy. Shimmy Mob will have us flash mob style dancing with other belly dancers all over the world on Saturday May 11, 2019. We will raise awareness about domestic violence and raise funds for a local women and children’s shelter of our choice.

We will have a Shimmy Mob class in Febuary/March but the first step is to register in January before the price goes up! Once you register to be a part of the Saint John team, you can come to the Shimmy Mob class on Tuesdays at 6pm to learn the technique and dance with us. We perform the dance in public spaces in Saint John on Saturday May 11 and other groups all over the world will be doing the same thing!

Here’s how it works

      1. Register for Shimmy Mob  It’s $30 USD (36USD after January 15). This includes a T-Shirt for the day of the event and the choreography video so you can practice at home in between classes. Your team is SAINT JOHN so please select that option when you register. On the day of the event we will be carpooling to areas around Saint John to dance! It’s going to be a blast! (no worries if you do not drive, we have you covered!)

      2. Register for classes by the end of year for the early discount of $75 for 6 classes ($85 after January 1). If you’re a beginner keep refining your technique with Kaleena in beginner class and move on to the Tuesday class in February when we all start learning the dance for Shimmy Mob!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Shimmy Mob suitable for beginners?

Yes beginners to intermediate. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you sign up to Shimmy Mob and continue to attend the beginner class for technique in January/February and you will be welcome to move onto Tuesday night rehearsals in Febuary/March. You will have 4 months to learn the techniques and choreography, and we review basics at every level. I have been dancing for nearly ten years and did my first performance after 3 months. If you can commit to the classes and a bit of practice on your own you will be more than fine.

Can I attend this class if I’m not registered for Shimmy Mob?

Starting mid February the Tuesday class will be for Shimmy Mob registrants only but the beginner classes will always be open to anyone! I can only teach the choreography to students who are registered for Shimmy Mob. This is the event’s rules.  LUNA Belly Dance offers beginner class on Thursday evenings at 6pm and Saturday morning at 11am. 

Can you do Shimmy Mob without the classes?

Yes! The class is for the group experience and additional instruction, especially where the technique is concerned! Anyone can sign up for Shimmy Mob, practice the dance on their own and meet a group in a participating city.

Who is teaching this class?

Kaleena has been belly dancing since 2009 and dances professionally in nightclubs, restaurants and for public and private events. She was a teacher and the rehearsal assistant at Om Laila Studio in Toronto where her teacher Roula Said rounded her education with  Middle Eastern Music and Song. She learned percussion including finger cymbals (zils, sagat), the drum (darbuka, doumbek), rhythms of the Middle East and singing/song translation for Arabic Music. She was in a number performance groups and theatre for singing, percussion, and dance and has also performed hundreds of times as a soloist. Kaleena has trained with world renowned Master Instructors from Egypt and specialized in the Reda Style (theatrical folk dance company in Egypt) with Nada El Masriya at the Egyptian Dance Academy. She was part of EAST and the EDA Folklore troupe, which won 2nd runner up at Star Belly Dancer Canada. Kaleena is known for having soul in her dance, smooth elegance, and knowledge of music and song. She loves to improvise dance most but also enjoys creating and teaching choreography. Her classes are upbeat,  positive and welcoming to everyone regardless of levels or goals. LUNA Belly Dance strives to be an asset to the community and to encourage women to feel great mind, body, and soul.

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