Top 10 Belly Dance Class Questions

beginner oh my soul
Beginner Class at Oh My Soul and Journey 25 Main Street West

It’s been an amazing late winter season with two motivated beginner classes and a hard working intermediate class who is rehearsing choreography to perform on May 4 at the Beltane Bash in Saint Martins and May 11 in uptown Saint John for Shimmy Mob, a global flashmob for belly dancers worldwide raising funds for local organizations that help domestic violence survivors.

We are open for a new session of dance, and there’s only a couple of sessions left this year. If you want to learn fun dance moves with others in a fun and positive environment, you have come to the right place! Here are some common questions:

Belly Dance FAQS

1. What do I wear?

Wear anything you like! This is gentle exercise so no need to dress is anything too technical. Most students wear yoga pants and a t-shirt/tank top but feel free to wear leggings or skirts. Wear a layer in case you get too hot or cold. (example: long sleeve shirt with tank top underneath)

Students usually wear socks, indoor shoes/dance slippers, or go barefoot.

2. Do I have to show my stomach?


3. Do I need to bring anything to class?

Everything is provided including all coin belts, hip scarves, and veils! Just bring some water to stay hydrated.

4. Is there parking?

Yes, there is plenty of parking! At 139 Prince Edward Street you can park on the street, either above or underground at Prince Edward Square, or the small lot uphill down the street (it’s employee parking but near empty by 6pm)

25 Main Street West has street parking and also a large lot behind Scotiabank, which is empty on Saturday when the bank is closed!

5. “I can’t dance” will belly dance be too hard for me?

Anyone can dance! Belly dance is not easy, but the beginner curriculum is made easy for any one at any level. We start with basic planes of movement and add on throughout the session. Class sizes are kept around 10 students per class for individualized attention.

6. How many beginner sessions should I take before moving on?

A minimum of 3 is recommended, though some stay in the class longer, and some choose to remain at the beginner level indefinitely for recreation and exercise.

7. What happens if I miss a class?

Missed classes can be made up in any other class during the session. (Example: You miss beginner on Thursday so come to any beginner on Saturday or intermediate on Tuesday before the session is over)

8. Is belly dance only for young, skinny women?

No, it’s for everyone. In fact, our demographic is mainly 30+ I have students that range from 15-75 years old and all genders, nationalities, body types, and walks of life. As long as you want to learn you are welcome! This is a dance for “every body”.

9. Who teaches these classes?

Kaleena has been dancing for nearly 10 years. You can read her bio here! 

10. Where do I sign up?

Sign up by April 1 and save $10 by visiting the class info page. 

Looking forward to dancing with you!


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