A Shimmy Mob Success!!


On May 12, 2019 our dancers participated in Shimmy Mob, a worldwide belly dance flash mob. Our Saint John group participated with over 2000 other belly dancers from all over the globe from Moncton New Brunswick, to Australia, Europe, and South America and performed the same choreography for the same cause. We were dancing to raise funds for domestic violence, to break the silence, and end the stigma.

One of the best parts of Shimmy Mob is we are encouraged to fundraise for a local charity or organization of our choice and we chose The Tanya Shand Memorial Fund. Tanya Shand was murdered by her common law partner in front of their seven year old daughter in Rothesay, New Brunswick. The donations are used to help women escape violent situations providing anything from groceries to a plane ticket. We are very happy to say we raised $500 for this worthy and important cause.

We would like to thank Shimmy Mob and everyone who participated, donated, and came out to watch!

We will be participating again next year. It’s a beginner friendly event, and anyone can do it, so consider joining us!


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