Fall/Winter Belly Dance Classes in Saint John and Hampton

beginner hampton

It has been a fantastic fall session. LUNA Belly dance has sure grown in the past couple of years and I could not be more thankful. In September, we added a new class in Hampton at Lifestyles Health & Fitness and it has been a lot of fun with really amazing women. The first class of the new session starts November 14. It is a beginner class so no experience necessary!

Jan will be teaching Saturday class. 50+ Fit and Fabulous at Oh My Soul and Journey will begin November 16.

Tuesday at 6pm is still intermediate level at 139 Prince Edward Street in Saint John, and it is such an honour to teach the same dancers from their day 1 basics to in some cases, two years into their dance journey. I’m so proud of these students and their progress and I love seeing their beautiful moves consistently improving in class. I can only hope to pass along the passion and benefits of belly dance to my students!

This class also attracts advanced and professional dancers who want a class environment to re-visit favourite moves. Over the years I definitely find that the more I hear a move explained from different instructors, the better I get at it. That’s why it is important to always learn from as many teachers as possible and to always re-visit beginner classes. The most seasoned dancers are always happy to revisit their basic foundations.


We also have a beginner class right after the intermediate at 7:15 for anyone new to dance and hoping to receive the benefits of belly dance which include exercise, creativity, and community. Both Intermediate and beginner start Tuesday October 29 and classes are already filling up so get registered soon to join us!

September had me (Kaleena) in Winnipeg to participate in Be The Canvas and to perform a solo. This was a workshop by Yasmina Ramzy from Arabesque Dance Academy in Toronto where dancers from all levels and different cities get together and become a part of Yasmina’s creative process. In 2.5 days we had a piece ready and performed it in Rachel Browne Theatre. Here’s a Facebook Link to the performance.

I was told about a dance collective called YRA (Yasmina Ramzy Arts) Dream Company, which was created to bring dancers together online to learn dance company choreography. Once given feedback and approved, dancers can perform in cities we can travel to or will already be in/live in. This is the perfect opportunity for me to develop as an artist under the direction of a Master Instructor while living in rural New Brunswick. Needless to say I’m absolutely elated with all things belly dance these days.

If you are interested in joining us for the next session visit the sign up page for all the dates and details.

Hope to dance with you soon!

Sincerely, Kaleena



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