Try Belly Dance!

pretty beginner dancers with veils

New Session Begins in September:
Tuesday – Intermediate
Thursday – Beginners

Get in shape, gain body awareness, and confidence, while being introduced to an art form that makes women of all ages and body types look and feel fabulous, as well as opens and inspires creativity, feminine beauty, and artistry.

No Experience Necessary!

Classes begin with a 5-10 minute, easy to follow dance warm up to get students ready, mind and body, to dance. We will learn exciting and creative moves, and practice them, which is great for toning and shaping the entire body, gently and safely.

We end each class with a cool down. Classes are 60 minutes of all dance. No intense exercise! You don’t have to bring a mat or anything from home. We include coin belts, veils, and all other props for belly dance. Just come in comfortable clothing!


Thursday is for beginners or students new to dancing at LUNA Belly Dance. This class is quickly becoming known for producing new dancers with beautiful, soft and elegant belly dance technique! This class is perfect for participants with no prior dance experience, and is suitable for all ages and body types. Upon registration, you will receive an email with details, including where to park, what to wear, and what to expect in your first session. In class, we will learn moves and short combinations in a fun and positive environment, which encourages you to unleash your inner goddess and to leave feeling invigorated and gorgeous!

$85 for six lessons – Coming Soon 

This class does sell out so please register as soon as possible to secure your spot

Register with etransfer (, Paypal, or credit card. We also take credit card over the phone or in the studio.


This class is suitable for anyone that has taken the beginner program a minimum of 3 times. This class is perfect for the continuing beginner to the intermediate level student who is looking to build on fundamental technique and to dive deeper into the art of belly dance.  This is the content that turns belly dance from exercise to art! We will introduce a more complex movement vocabulary and put technique together in combinations and choreography. This class may include: working with props and tools, learning Egyptian folklore, playing finger cymbals, learning Middle Eastern Rhythms, looking more closely at the songs we dance to, and discussing topics that are relevant to belly dance as an art form in both the Middle East and North America.

$85 for six lessons

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Register with etransfer (, Paypal, or credit card. We also take credit card over the phone or in the studio.

We are dancing at 139 Prince Edward Street in suite 111, on the main floor. We are accessible to those with disability. Although the class typically all women we are a friendly and welcoming environment to men and trans women that want to learn the art of belly dance!

Call us with questions 506-607-2257



4 thoughts on “Try Belly Dance!

    1. Hi Renee. I think anyone new to the studio would benefit from the intro class but if you decide it is not for you there are other classes on the schedule to use the 6 classes in! I hope that helps but let me know if you have any other questions.


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