Studio Launch and Open House

The studio is coming together and we can’t wait to unveil LUNA Belly Dance Studio on February 2 + 4 with an open house! Our belly dance classes are at 162 Union Street in Saint John, New Brunswick. We have had so much support and encouragement along the way from family, friends and everyone that has helped us to make this happen. Every aspect of the studio from the mirror delivery, finding the space, to the other artsy studio owners has been great and this is just the beginning!

We hope to see you there!


Belly Dance Resources


I wanted to offer a list of resources for belly dancers. 

A vast collection of articles about EVERYTHING belly dance. This is the first site many students visit first when they start to want to know more about belly dance.

George Sawa

I have taken classes with George Sawa and performed once to his exquisite live quanun (this is an Arabic instrument that looks like an exposed piano) He is a music teacher and this is his study guide. It’s available in a number of languages.

Kisses from Kairo 

If you want to know more about belly dancing professionally, and in Cairo, no less, this American has been living and working in Egypt for quite a number of years and has a unique perspective.

Arabic Song Translation 

If you hear a song and want to know what it’s all about check out these translations. Also helpful to find new music!

Karim Nagi

If you are interested in an intense finger cymbal DVD try Karim Nagi’s instructional DVD. He also sells additional music and instruction.


My Teachers (please try a class if you are in Toronto) 

Om Laila Studio

I studied holistic belly dance, music and Arabic song with Roula Said. I also worked here as a teacher and assistant. Belly dance can truly be authentic movement that is uplifting and soulful. I studied here 3 years.

Egyptian Dance Academy 

I started out learning Egyptian folklore with Nada el Masriya from Egypt. She teaches modern Egyptian style. I studied here 3 years.

Habeeba’s Dance

I learned classic Egyptian from Habeeba. She specializes in the classic Egyptian Style. I studied here 1 year.


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas Eve from Saint John, New Brunswick! I have living here for almost 4 months and I couldn’t be happier. This first quarter has absolutely been about taking it slow and settling in, and I’m so pleased that I had the time to revel in my new surroundings and work on my art with peace and privacy but also I have met and performed with other talented and hardworking belly dancers in Saint John and Moncton. I’m so truly grateful for it all.

Here’s a video of me performing at Maritime Tribal’s Holiday Hafla to Nomadica’s Tehtil Shibbak. Choreography and finger cymbal composition by me. I had so much fun working on this piece for 4 weeks straight!

So what’s up for the New Year? Well, I’m not entirely sure. I know I do want to get some classes running!  Any teaching I do has to be 100% enjoyable and because I truly want to share the gift of belly dance. It really is life changing! I guess what I’m saying is that I’m in no hurry and when it happens it will be because it feels absolutely right!

That being said, if you’re reading this and want to learn Egyptian Belly Dance in or around Saint john, send me a message. I would be happy to give lessons to small groups or for birthdays, bachelorette parties or wedding/baby showers. Any time women gather to celebrate is the perfect time to learn belly dance.

Until then I will continue to work on my dance and take more classes and workshops when I can. Seriously considering doing Shimmy Mob with Barbara Aubie in Moncton!

Okay folks, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday season! ❤

Photo by Eve Beals


Performing in Moncton Tomorrow!


I’m really excited to be performing as a guest at Studio Sephira tomorrow evening! This will be the first belly dance hafla (that means party in Arabic) I have performed at in New Brunswick.

I’ll be dancing two new pieces that I have created in the past month or so. The creative energy out here, in my rural Saint John home, is quite refreshing. I feel my dance is evolving and growing because of it. It’s actually really amazing how the peace, space and lack of distractions out here has brought out something else in me…Perhaps a renewed integrity for this art form. Perhaps even a renewed belief in myself, and really, learning to belly dance isn’t just about getting your body to do cool things. Though it is a perk! However, it’s truly is about connecting to, and expressing, your soul’s desires. It’s about making things happen and this energy is carried into your personal and professional life. I’m feeling all areas of my being growing, refreshing and strengthening.

It also helps that I have met amazing people through dance out here, whom I work with in my spare time, and the classes I’ve been taking with a dedicated and polished bunch over at Maritime Tribal is challenging and motivating!

Of course, I’m nervous about performing as always but when you can dance from a place that is pure and full of love, meeting new dancers, seeing performances and performing is what becomes the highlight. It’s all a really fun adventure and the pressure truly melt away.

The photo above was taken by a really wonderful photographer, Michael Zender in Toronto around this time last year when I performed with Nomadica, my favourite cross-cultural band at Lula Lounge in Toronto.




I’m Belly Dancing in New Brunswick! Teaching Soon!

Hi, everyone! I put this site together before I moved to New Brunswick and now I’m here, getting settled and best of all I’m DANCING and feeling very inspired, grateful and welcomed as a belly dancer in New Brunswick, so here’s some updates!

I did a performance and workshop in Saint John a couple weeks back at a long term care facility. I can’t post any pictures of that one publicly because my private clients have a right to privacy but I have to say this one made me so happy! Not only was it fun for the residents but for the hardworking staff that were able to attend! After a couple of dances I taught some basic moves for the hips, chest, stomach and for those that didn’t want to move around too much they got to learn a bit about using silk veils. There’s even moves for the guys!

My second performance here was by invitation by Maritime Tribal founder Nawal Doucette. She asked if I would like to be part of the finale performances for her weekend of showcasing her, and her troupe’s talent at the Multicultural Festival of Colours. Of course I said yes! I also danced alongside another new belly dancer in New Brunswick Sara. She is here for a year from Winnipeg, Manitoba.



One of the best things about this show was all of the newcomer Syrians! They sure know how to dance and have a party. Coming from a war zone, the Syrian folks truly appreciate the simple joy of dance and couldn’t contain themselves for a second! They were up there dancing with us all with pure unbridled enthusiasm. It’s a good reminder that dance is a simple way to let loose, forget your troubles and connect with others. It truly is a gift to know about this art form and to have a commonality that breaks through language barriers and allows us all to have fun with each other!

I would love to share the gift of dance with women in New Brunswick and I’m currently looking into renting a space in the communities close to where I live such as Saint John, Rothesay, Quispamsis and Saint Martins. If anyone has suggestions I’m all ears! I would be delighted to start a beginner class in the near future!



Five Benefits of Taking Belly Dance Classes


Belly dance changed my world. I went from tomboy to diva in months and over the years I FINALLY felt comfortable in my own skin. That’s amazing for any woman to feel and say. so how does it happen? Well, here’s five of MANY benefits of belly dancing:

  • Belly dancing creates body awareness specifically for the female body. In belly dance we “move with our ovaries”. It seems like a strange thing to say and at first, a strange thing to do but trust me, connecting to your specifically feminine parts will connect you to the rest of your body, identity, soul and so on, in a way that makes you feel beautiful and alive.
  • You don’t have to be skinny to belly dance. In fact, many of the moves such as the shimmy look good when you have a little extra padding and it makes you feel great to WANT a jiggle. I used to be overweight and through too much diet and too much exercise I became underweight but when I started belly dancing I quickly became frustrated by being too skinny to make my flesh jiggle. So I gained some weight back. Yes, I intentionally put on some pounds because belly dance helps you to embrace your curves.
  • You don’t have to wear revealing outfits. I’m modest by nature and I do just fine professionally so in class you will be perfect in comfortable clothing. Check out this video. All of my most viewed videos on YouTube are FULLY COVERED! I wear less clothes in the summer than in this video and yet, everyone LOVED this performance. So don’t worry about that!
  • You will make a ton of friends dancing and if you’re shy you will become much more outgoing and social! When I first started belly dancing I was so shy and introverted I wouldn’t even talk to the ladies in class. Now I feel like a different person and have gone on to host parties, be on talk-radio shows and talk to clients with ease and excitement!
  • I became more musical. I learned how to play finger cymbals, drum, sing and dance in a musical way. Not only will you learn how to dance but you will expand your artistic and creative side like never before!

Belly dance offers fun, fitness and friendships like no other activity and it’s great for any age, experience level and body type. It’s a fantastic way to connect with yourself and others so give it a try for your next party or event and give yourself and your guests something to remember for a lifetime!

first troupe performance



Why Hire a Belly Dancer for your Party?

Belly dancing at a party is fun for you and your guests! My style of belly dance is entertaining and family-friendly. As you can see in this short compilation video I dance with folks of all ages from seniors having a great night out, to kids that take a break from their family’s dinner party. There’s a number of occasions for hiring a belly dancer too:

  • At a wedding. In Middle Eastern culture it’s traditional to hire a belly dancer so in New Brunswick, even if you’re not from the Middle East, hiring a belly dancer adds a touch of cultural diversity, not to mention a huge surprise for the guests! When I belly dance at a wedding, my goal is to give the couple lots of attention, especially the bride, and then to get the dance floor started. This will set you up for a night of fun and dancing!
  • At bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Hiring a belly dancer for these kind of events is a really fun way to have guests participate in a lesson, wear some fun jingly coin belts and watch a performance. I will dance in costume and everyone will think they can never belly dance but after I teach your guests some moves and put it together for a short choreography they will surprise themselves! We will all dance to some fun music too. This is an excellent way to bond with your girlfriends, try something completely different and provide interactive entertainment for your friends and family.
  • At a restaurant. If you own or manage a restaurant I can come in for 15-30 minutes and perform a show for your customers. Your establishment will stand out and draw in the crowds if you advertise in advance and I’ll help with marketing efforts by announcing my performances across my social media platforms!
  • For classes and retreats. If you would like regular weekly or bi weekly classes or would like to arrange a retreat, be in touch with me. I have experience teaching and I would love to have a group of women visit my rural home for some down-to-earth dance time. Write to me any time!
  • Birthday Parties. I can be hired for birthday parties for guests of all ages! We can discuss what type of performance is best. It can be a short Bellygram style performance or a longer visit with a lesson and dance party!

Belly dance for your next event is a fun, tasteful and surprising way to show guests you want them to have a great time. Contact me to find out more about any of these delightful options!

jerusalem red